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raspberry rush: smells absolutely amazing and works so well
silky jasmine: smells so so so good and works super well
coffee scrub: smells so good! i used in the shower after shaving as an exfoliater and it made my legs the softest they have ever been and made me smell really good!
bath salt: i LOVE the smell of milk and honey so when i saw the scent i was so excited! it smells so good and made my skin feel so soft after the bath!
purifying sample: made my skin super super soft after using it!
overall rating 10/10 i think the prices are perfect for the products and i wouldn’t want to see anything change because everything is just so extremely amazing! thank you so much again for the opportunity to work with you!

Kaylie Taylor

I loved the products the soaps smell amazing I love the eye cream and moisturizer they were very soothing on the skin the mud mask was so great and cleared all of my pores one thing I would say is that it made my face a little red I also have really sensitive skin but it went away right away I loved everything!!

Samantha Dunn

I loved the smell of everything, The soaps made my skin feel very soft and smooth!! 

Taylor Stzaba

I just recently heard of Silky Essentials and I’m beyond in love, everything I have tried so far has stolen my heart. I’m still exploring all of their products, but so far everything has been amazing. The owner is generous and sweet, this business is going to go really far and I’m here for it all the way. I highly recommend this company.

Talynn Hurn

Amazing handmade products with high quality ingredients, great for sensitive skin. Me and my son have extremely sensitive skin and the soap works wonderful, he even loves the scents which says a lot about a picky six year old! The hand soaps has my hands feeling softer than ever- especially now that we wash more often. Plus we got personalized soaps, lotions , and hand sanitizers for a family bridal shower that everyone loved- perfect souvenirs for any event! I can’t recommend this brand enough!!!

Brittany S

If I could give 5 stars I would! I use the volcanic sand face scrub often it’s my favorite. It makes my face feel so good and the scrub is just right. The lotions are also amazing. The sanitizers are amazing they smell great and the scent stays long after you wash. Overall best products on the market MUST TRY!!!

Joanna L